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The kidneys filter blood and regulate body flood. What happens during kidney failure? And what types of kidney failure do doctors diagnose?...
There are three main condition which cause renal (kidney) failure. Learn what causes kidney failure and what factors increase your risk of kidney problems....
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My Story:
I had a total hysteroctomy about 8 years ago. After that a fistula was discovered, and I opt to try to let it heal on it's own. I still have incontinence from the fistula ( a whole betwen my bladder and vaginal area). Sorry to be graphic. They also discoved I have a small left Kidney .Due to ureture ( tube from kidney to bladder) was kinked. Dr. seems to think I could have been born with this or when I was small. But I have been developoing constant UTI's. When I go on antibiotics, a short while after them I have another UTI.

My problem is , usually when I wake up, my first few morning urines, I get this puss, sandy stuff in it. If I drink my water, eventually it all goes away. I go for a Dr.'s appointment in Nov. to get the fistual fixed.

Has anyone else had a problem with puss in the urine in the mornings? I have zero pain, no fever. Infection maybe coming from the bladder not sure. What kind of test will they run. Also, I am extremely concerned with having a small kidney that is inflammed, to have contrast dye. I have studied it and it can causes kidney failure in kidneys that are having problems.

Can anyone shed some light on this proble for me??

Have a great day.

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replied October 25th, 2008
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It is called a Urethral Pelvic Junction obstruction, or UPJ obstruction. You are born with it. It can cause kidney failure on it's own. If your ureter is blocked the urine will back up into your kidney causing reflux. It is something you need to get checked out. It depends on where the kink is as how painful it gets. Do you ever get any flank pain? (pain in your side), or back pain? You need to see a urologist. They usually have experience with this. Good luck.
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replied July 31st, 2012
i have had water infections on and over 4 yrs ave been told my right kidney is baggy and the tube that filters fluid is narrorwer than usal i had no bother for about 2 yr after been told this but the last 3 yr ive had white cells in my urine but not growing ie ifection when they send it to lab , ive been really poorley the last 6 weeks been on 6 lost of antibiotics each water sample has white cells protien and puss in it, lots of pain round lower back, also across stomach and in belly button. pains in legs unwell hot and cold, dizzyness , confusion, never of the toliet including through the night,loss of weight. as soon as me antibiotics finish it comes back with a vengence, had blood test today one of the tests , testimg for tb in the kidney, have to weight till the 17th of august to see a uroligist theres nothing sooner , thats classed as urgent ,
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