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i had unprotected sex with a 'Loose' Woman.
i was # 6 in Line.

Now, i Have Yellow Puss Dripping from my Penis.
and it Burns When i Urinate.
Should i Go to Mexico and Buy Antibiotices to save Money?
i live on the Streets.
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replied October 19th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
For starters its bad form to describe your partner as 'loose' if you're going to mention that you were #6 in line. I'm not being pointlessly critical. I think it's important that you own up to your behavior here. This is high risk.

Absolutely don't self-diagnose what's going on here. Taking medication unprescribed can have horrific consequences. There are free clinics in just about every city in the world. If you don't know where your's is ask around at your local social services offices. You need to be informed about the full consequences of what you've done here. You could be carrying more more servere medical burdens than a simple infection. You could be HIV positive. Find out for your own health and the health of others.
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