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Puss coming out of ear and other symptoms....

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I have been having middle ear infections for the past year.
I have seen my ent, he cant diagnose whats wrong with me and generic anti biotics dont work.

I have a yellowish stinky puss coming out of my right ear mostly when the suns out and heat is hitting my face, I know I have an infection but I dont know how to get rid of it.

I was prescribed generic ear drops,However I suspect this ooze is caused by a middle ear infection, The drops state its used for outer ear infections not middle.
It also states not to use it for middle ear infections.

Some symptoms I have had for a few months include
Puss coming out of the right ear
Air feeling trapped in ears, probably due to eustastian tube dysfunction which i havent been diagnosed with yet...

My ear is constantly popping and fills "full" or "pressure" this is in both ears.

I have a hole which im suppose to have surgery for soon in my left ear, I dnt get my ears wet ever..

Point is, My case seems hopeless what can I take or buy online to treat this infection and what can be done for the air trapped in my ears...?

I had a hearing test done 2 weeks ago and the dr said she was curious as to why my eardrum didnt move in my left ear when she inserted some vibrating thing into it.

Aside from all these problems and hearing loss in my left ear due to the same infection I now have in my right ear Im still decent with hearing, But high pitch sounds are very sensitive to me and I cant be around stuff like that.

Please share your solutions, experience, and ideas as my medical insurance doctor sucks.

Ear surgery for my left ear means nothing to me as this is not the problem.

I dont have tentinitus or other diseases because the hearing doctor kind of ruled that out. Im worried if this right ear doesnt get healed soon my hearing will take a huge fall.

Please help
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replied May 22nd, 2013
I have the same problem too..and I cover my ear with cotton ball or tissue paper so the puss would not come out of my ear..what I'm trying to say that just maybe if u cover ur ear with cotton or toliet paper it would be less effective and just maybe it wil heal faster and also when u go to bed make sure u sleep on ur right side so the puss can easily pour out of ur ear...but I think maybe u have a lot of dirt in ur ear and the puss coming out of it might mean that it is trying to remove as much dirt as it can..I'm no doctor but I believe u be fine
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replied October 26th, 2016
I would suggest going to another ENT specialist for a second opinion. My ENT doctor ( I have been going to him for over 20 years and now my kids go to him) always gives me or my kids antibiotics (Aumoxicilian or cephalexin) and EYE drops..yes eye drops that we put in the ears. Most of the time this works within a day or two for the pain to stop and by a week usually the pussing has also stopped. If you are in the Cleveland Ohio area you should check him out if possible. Dr. Ajit Shah. He will take care of you and get it all straightened out. Good luck.
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