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push my period back a couple of days?

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I have been on orthro tri Cyclen for one month. I wanted to try and push my period back a couple of days because of a vacation next month, so I took the active pills for 28 days. I knew it might not work, but tried anyway. I just stopped taking the active pills yesterday. I have been feeling the symptoms of my period for a few days now, but haven't gotten it yet. I was wondering now that I stopped taking it when I should expect my period. A few friends say within a few days while a few other people say I may skip it. I don't think I have been on the pill long enough to skip it. I plan on using the pill normally after I get my period. Thanks for any input.
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replied April 26th, 2011
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JerseyGirl, when you are on the pill, your body does not have it's own cycle and calendar. It reacts to only two states, you take an active pill or you do not take an active pill. When you take an active pill, your ovulation and bleeding is suppressed. When you do not take the active pill, your body will trigger bleeding once the hormone levels drop. So your body have absolutely no idea if this is now day 22 or day 29. Once your hormone levels drop, you will get withdrawal bleeding just like every other cycle. Your flow pattern should not differ from your normal flow pattern, including what day it starts on, ends on and how much comes out.

Two things can bedevil your plans - you are a new pill user and your pills are a tri-phasic pill (every week has a different combination of hormones, thus the different color every week). You should however be just fine.

What pack/pill are you going to start with at the end of this inactive week?

Best of luck and have a great vacation!
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