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Purple spots on penis head and dried skin ?

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I received oral sex for the first time from my girlfriend. It was my first time and we are both virgins. We had dry sex before, which I feel may have caused this burning, dry-like skin on the actual shaft of the penis. Also, I noticed that after the oral sex I had 10-15 small (less than 1 cm) purple spots, not raised, on the tip of my penis.

My first concern is the "chafing." At first, I figured because it's basically dry skin, put moisturizing lotion on, but I did so and it was the worst burning sensation ever. And it took awhile in the shower to get over the burning as well. Is this just chafing? Or should I be more concerned. It looks wet almost and maybe a bit red, but no bruising or much discoloring on the shaft.

My second concern are the bruises. I'm not sure if they are from possible teeth marks, for I'm not sure if she would bite. They do not itch and they are just sporadically located on the tip of the penis. I have never been tested for an STD, but I would highly doubt that that's what it is. Is there any clue what is going on, or if any of this seems serious enough to contact a doctor?
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