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Purple shades under eyes

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Hello Everyone,

Well I do not want to draw to much attention to this subject, However, I need some advice.

Recently I become a little active with sex, Do not get me wrong as a Male it is in my nature to do so as to well I would imagine both genders.

To the point though, Recently I have started getting some purple shades under my eyes, I know a new town, moving seasons and sneezing a lot more (living in the ACT, Australian Capital Territory) it's the nations capital of high pollen levels.

I have never suffered hay fever, though have had fears of HIV in the past.

I have never really had intercourse with anyone up until recent when I was drunk and had intercourse with another person to where "supposedly" the condom did break.

I have been in contact with this person and the person has said they've have checkups and are all clear with a negative status.

All fine to hear, Though I am not sure if they are lying to me or not. But this was the only person where this issue occured.

Most other interactions have not been of intercourse.

More so, I am not coughing, I am sneezing a lot more - More likely pollen and the air, I have been a bit tired more lately, I have not had much other symptoms except gut aches and slight dizzy-ness and diarrhea at times but nothing major.

The purple shadings under my eyes freak me out, I have seen a doctor who does say he has doubts it is in connection with HIV but more Hay Fever!

I also suffer anxiety which does not help, Though to the point of why I am asking is because I have met someone and I really like them and want to get some advice and some possible answers about this little nervous problem I am having.

I am 55-56kg, I do not weigh much, I do not eat that healthy either and I cannot gain weight to add.

I have been like this for years, it has never changed.

Should I be concerned, worried?

Thanks for any advice.
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replied February 5th, 2010
Community Volunteer
I am sure U R fine but if you are worried then the only thing to do is to get tested.
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replied February 16th, 2010

Sorry did not realize I had a reply, Well my eyes do seem to hurt but not Hirt as in serious pain bit more a generalized sore sensation. I do get horribly concerned about HIV, hate reading threads unless I make them otherwise I get paranoid.

I just look sick I suppose Sad
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