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To better understand abnormal vaginal bleeding, we first review normal vaginal bleeding. Do you know when uterine blood is normal, or not?...
What are the signs and symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding? When should you seek help?...
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i have these 4 tiny tiny purpleish/blue painless spots on the outside of my labia, it doesnt hurt or cause any discomfort at all, there just there and im not sure what they are, but i did pop one and it bled alot and just want to kno what it is. ive now had them for a couple of month now, they sometimes look like blood blisters and sometimes look flat and dont hurt either way. please help me. thank you
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replied April 4th, 2011
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Vaginal bleeding
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replied July 8th, 2011
did you figure out what was wrong? I have 4 purple blisters just out of my labia too.. They appeared a few days back they dont hurt and there is nothing in them but they do itch a little.. At first i thought it could be razor burns but i am not sure anymore i am worried they could be warts but i am not sure exactly how warts look like and if they could be purplish.. I tried to look it up online but so far no luck Sad
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