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punched my brother, don't know why Is there something wrong?

Well, where to start. i'm 17 about to go to university, best thing to happen in my life due to the fact it is very far from where I am currntly staying. So anyways, I grew up in an abusive home my father was an alcholic(not anymore) and lets just say he wasn't a happy drunk or man. Due to this I was the one who would normally end up on the other end of an ass kicking(please pardon my language). So as I grew up I was a very angry child and had to go through years of this hell, and that bring me to right now. I recently just punched my brother in the nose( i feel bad about it) but I don't know why, on top of this for the past month i've been having these strange conversations with myself about my past, and my life. And just to state it plainly I don't know whats going on with me. Any help would be great.
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replied July 30th, 2012
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there is nothing wrong with you. like you said you went thru years of living in pure hell. i think it could be that your angry with your father and your taking it out on other people when you really want to take it out on him. and maybe you hold a grudge against him. please dont get mad im not being mean im just giving my opinion. have you tried seeing a therapist? maybe talking to someone about it would help and i hope ive helped.
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