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Pulled upper back muscle

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okay so heres the run down:

I ride aggressive bmx jumping and freestyle. Recently I began having chronic upper back pain, uppon inspection it seems as if there are two ropes of tight muscle, one on each side of the spine (that is tender at the touch) running from my upper shoulder blade to the lower end of my mid back. You can actually feel them at touch. Shocked

Anyway I had been seeing a PT for a different condition in my lower back only four months prior, but had already healed up. When I went back I saw a new PT that seemed to know a lot about muscle structure. She basicly told me that my abdominal muscles and core are not strong at all to support my activities and I was putting too much strain on my upper back. Basicly they have me doing a bunch of stomach strengthening excercizes and upper back stretchs.

I just want to know if anyone has any thoughts about this? Or if you have any more tips for me to speed up recovery?
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replied February 6th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
If your core muscles are weak, the you will pull muscles in your upper back and other parts of your body.

Keep working at strengthening those core muscles. They support your upper body and if weak can throw off the bottom half of your body as well.

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