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pubic pain

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I am having pain on what feels like, the outside of my pubic area, high and to the right. The best and most accurate way to describe the pain is, it feels like my pubic hair is being pulled. There is no rash or outward appearance of any irritation anywhere at all.
The first time I felt this pain was following a surgery, several months ago now, for an extensive vaginal and bladder repair. I felt the same pain for a few weeks following the surgery but until a week ago, haven't felt that same pain again. The frequency of the pain seems to be increasing and is becoming more intense.
Anyone else experienced this before or have any thoughts as to what might cause this type of pain?
Thanks, cherylthanks
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replied October 31st, 2012
Did you ever find an answer? I'm having the same pain, but I've never had surgery or any problems.
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