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Puberty Problem? Everything is getting messed up?

Basically, I was my most attractive around the start of puberty. I had a full head of hair that I could spike in all sorts of directions. I had clear skin, a pimple here and there but pretty clear. That was when I was 14. I am now sixteen. I still have a decent amount of hair but it doesnt grow back half as fast as it would after a haircut and its starting to recead at the top front corners so that just a little spike falls down the middle, making a m shape unless I try to push it to the side but it still looks weird and will sometimes fall back down. Its also a lot thinner. My face also breaks out everywhere. I think I may have damaged my skin by using a few different skin products throughout the years. They never worked and only made me worse but my mother wouldn't leave me alone about them. If I start using some organic face wash tecniques (like baking soda, tea tree oil, etc) will my face clear up? And even where I don't have pimples I have what look like blemishes or burns I guess from the chemicals. I never gey any blackheads. Just redness, cysts, whiteheads, and sometimes they scab or get dry ooze. I've also noticed my acne got worse when I started getting facial hair. I'm also pretty sure my penis was bigger. Ever since ive turned 16 its started shriveling up a whole lot when not erect and a month ago I stopped getting morning wood. Is this from jerking off to porn since I was 13? I'm trying to quit, I have definitely cut down on it though and will continue to do so. I guess my mental health hasn't been that good. I dealt with a lot of depression, self harm, and anger from the age of 7 up until I was like 15. And when I was 14 I was being put on and off a whole bunch of different medications. I'm in a better mental state now and I also eat more than I used too. Healthy foods too. I try to have as much organic fruit as I can. So does anyone know why puberty has taken such a weird turn for me and how I can fix this? Thanks.
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replied August 3rd, 2013
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It is good you are cutting down on your exposure to porn. Masturbating is quite natural but try and keep it in moderation. Masturbate enough to keep your head clear and stress levels low and to have a bit of fun on a rainy weekend but try and avoid artificial ways to turn yourself on so you can masturbate more. Let the way your testicles feel be your guide...

I am not sure why some teens get blotchy faces and acne during puberty or why some don't but suffer in other ways (like getting problems inside their heads, for instance) and I don't think anyone does.

Time will fix your puberty issues and until it is over you can only do the best you can with your diet and face-washing and treatment of your skin troubles.
The products available for the treatment of pubescent acne and suchlike have changed over the years but I think the success has been very variable. I think you have to try whatever you can until something works for you or doesn't...
For some an astringent cleaner will work and for others it might need a steam room to cause sweating in order to drive the oil from the pores. Baking soda or similar might soak up the oil or an antiseptic might prevent infection on an oily face.
I was lucky because I had some very impressive pimples but only a few of them.

Whether you get spontaneous erections or not will depend on a number of factors, not the least of which is your stress levels, any worries and when you last masturbated. Whether you have a morning erection also depends on the pressure in your bladder.
Cutting down on masturbation will tend to have an initial effect of more sexual tension until your body responds and adjusts to the new regime.

The (relative) size of the flaccid penis depends very much on the ambient temperature, body temperature and to a certain extent, the state of mind.

I realise I haven't helped much.
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replied July 5th, 2014
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Even at 33,if I dont shave I get HORRIBLE acne.I can break out in 20-30 pimples overnight.Its all about chemical balance in the body,and at your age,its a circus in your brain and your body.I had to start using Neutrogena facial wash twice a day and i had my doc put me on a medicine called Keflex/cephalexan.Since the acne is caused by bacteria,the keflex actually helps to maintain bacteria levels in the body and for me,has left me with the best skin I have ever had.If you do decide to go on the medication you HAVE to stay on it though.I didnt refill my perscription one month and it was bad.within a week i was right back to my horrible acne on my face/body.

As for your masturbation habits,everyone goes through cycles.Sometimes i do it 5 times a day.sometimes its maybe 3 times a week.Its different for everybody though but i believe moderation is a good thing in this area.
I dont use pornography at all.i believe the brain is enough and you should be able to use it to get relief.Pornography seems to put too much emphasis on what people should look like and what they should do i the bedroom.I believe its best left to fantasy.But thats just me.

As for feeling as your penis is getting smaller, I too can relate.I had alot going on when i was that age and the more my body grew the smaller my package seemed to get.It looked HUGE in my small hands at 13 but at 17 it looked boy'ish.It really wasn't shrinking,my body was just growing more and my penis had stopped.Best of luck to you and i hope you have found some relief by now.
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replied June 28th, 2015
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Daily shaving with a blade and shaving cream will help to clean your face daily and reduce acne more than electric razors.

I'd see a Dr. if you can or ask during your next school physical to have your penis checked and maybe test your testosterone levels. High testosterone levels cause acne in males and facial hair growth, so it sounds like your T levels are probably high and healthy.

Less erections during sleep can mean less testosterone, more stress, the effects of various medicines that you might be taking, or other causes. Excess (there is no such thing really) or high masturbation frequency almost never reduces nightime and morning erection strength or frequency. Usually masturbation increases nightime erections and frequency as masturbation is perfectly normal and healthy sexual exercising that's great for all males of any ages. Once you masturbate too much, your body will simply not respond again until it rests up and recharges for more masturbation within hours again at your young age. Porn is mainly a moral opinion for most males and isn't any more harmful than equal amounts of having real and in person sex with females would be for a man.
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