I read some postings about crazy narcissist psychotic daughter-in-laws. Well my ex daughter-in-laws got to be the worst ever and she's gone to the extreme to get whatever she can get out of my son money wise, his friends destroying his family getting him to hate his mother because she's a piece of trash and then some. Even though they've been divorced she still has some evil curse on hI'm, he cant break away from. Her mother was a heroin addict her siblings are convicts, she was poor,now she has things she never had before my grandson is now 11 I've not seen him much because of their crazy roller coaster relationship that lasted 10 years and everyone is so glad it's over we still have to look at her ugly face every once in awhile nobody can stand her why doesn't she get that. I don't understand why she seems always have the upper hand on when my son's he's my grandson they should look up her background and her history and maybe they'd think twice about giving her so much more say so. Why even though divorce she still has some kind of hold on him I don't know he's depressed because of it
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