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Psychosomatic vs. physical ailment?

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So I have no idea where to put this but since I think there's a chance it's psychosomatic I'm classifying it as anxiety. If there's an issue I can remove it!
I have a really weird problem. Basically 2 weeks ago I woke up, and my left leg was still asleep. This would obviously not really be a problem ordinarily as it tends to go away after a few minutes, but it has persisted. My leg is still asleep right now and shows no signs of "waking up" or worsening. It does not have the "pins and needles" type feeling nor any pain unless I've been walking for awhile. I'd say I can't really walk more than 100 feet without needing to take a break because it's difficult to walk. It's numb, but not severely so as I can still feel it. I'm also not really able to move my toes well. I can move them, but it's difficult because it requires a lot of effort, and I can't move them quickly. My knee and ankle also feel disconnected from the rest of the leg. My ankle always tries to turn inwards as I'm walking making it hard to not roll it. I have no other symptoms on other parts of my body. I haven't seen a doctor yet because it's difficult to schedule an appointment since I don't have a lot of money, and I work during the day on most days, and I'm not sure how serious this actually is.
I did see my gynecologist recently as I was having issues with my current birth control, but she said leg numbness wasn't a symptom of a blood clot and maybe it was psychosomatic since I was diagnosed with ADHD with a comorbidity of anxiety a few years back. I began taking a low dose of Ritalin (10mg daily) in September but stopped around January as I did not find it helpful, and previously had a medical marijuana card for anxiety. Before the Ritalin I was not on any medication. Currently I'm only taking birth control. I was stressed during the fall/winter as I was finishing up my bachelor's and applying to master's programs, but the symptoms began a couple weeks after graduation and after I got accepted to graduate school for next year, so I wasn't stressed at the time, and I'm not stressed currently (well this issue has started to stress me out). I have a part-time job, but never considered it a source of stress. I'm allergic to spider bites, but I those symptoms normally manifest differently. I also have a history of low iron, but again, these symptoms have never occurred for that either so I'm kind of at a loss.
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