my daughter now 19 had a palmoplantar thickness at teh age of 16 taht was not diagnosed with certainty but described as a suspect form of psoriasis. Eventually it cleared and she has had no other symptom ,not even a small one ever since (3 years).
My daughter would now like to have rhinoplasty for a big hump on her nose. I was wonderign whether this surgery might heal badly due to teh condition.. or in other words, are there counter indications for this type of surgery in psoriasis patients?
An answer from some expert doctor would be greatly appreciated
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replied October 20th, 2009
I would suggest it she does what the surgery to purchase a bottle of Mayan Magic healing balm, you can apply it to her wounds after surgery, its a healing blams thats helped people with even the unimaginable skin irr, and i think it would be essnetinal to use with your daughter
lemme know if it works cause it will!!
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