I have had psoarisis for about 8 Years now, and i never figured out how i got it. I remeber my mom made me have a biopsi because she thought it was skin cancer, because she had cancer. But anyway. It started on my head, (and i have a lot of hair. lol). and then about two years ago it started spreading on my body. I was so nervous to go to school, and to go out in public period. I was embarresed because it was all over my face and my whole body. This is the first year i started wearing shorts and dresses and things females should wear. So once I started going out in the sum they just turned into scars. NO MORE PSOARISIS. so i think when winter comes i am going to go tanning in a salon, because i think the UV rays are helping.


How do you treat the psoarisis on your head?

Because I have all kinds of shampoo's and medicines, and nothing is working!! HELP MEEE!? thank you.
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replied August 25th, 2008
To treat psoriasis of the scalp, you can try to remove the scales created by an outbreak. One method I found on the National Psoriasis Foundation site is to apply heated olive oil to the scalp. You can then wrap your head in a towel for several hours sit under a hair dryer to soften the scales ...and then remove them. Check out the site b/c it's got some great tips you may not of tried before.

Treatments and applications include:

Steroid creams
Antimicrobial creams
UV light (you were right about that!)
Prescriptions meds

Have you tried all of these?
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replied October 20th, 2009
you can use Mayan Magic Healing Balm, its a balm and you can massge ur scalp with it leave it in for abit and then rinse it off it has helped me in the past when i had it on my head its not a very good feeling. Also you can use it on your whole body its helpful instead of using harmful uv rays
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replied November 5th, 2009
have you tryied polytar ? it worked for me
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replied June 8th, 2018
After a friend told me that he had his head psoriasis cured by apple cider vinegar (ACV) I went to google it and hey more than 700,000 results..Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes plaques, which are itchy or sore patches of thick, red, dry skin. While any part of your body can be affected, psoriasis plaques most often develop on the elbows, knees, scalp, back, face, palms, and feet.
According to many sources Stress is a major trigger for some people with psoriasis, either causing psoriasis to flare up for the first time or to make it worse after you’ve been diagnosed with it.
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replied February 24th, 2019
Try bathing in dead sea salts and immerse your head / hair in the hot tub.

More info on sea salts in this post "Sitz Bath - Hot Bath - Lymph Massage"

I wrote it in the "Devil In Your Balls" Self-Help Blog Prostatitis / Epididymitis Pain
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replied July 26th, 2019
Psoriasis is a very big problem. what you said in the Question is all correct but there is a one Medicine Which is Working but you have to Use including tablets If you use including the tablets it is working as soon as possible. Medicine Name is Psorian and Tregulate. These two are Herbal Medicines these are founded at zlshealth.com.
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