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Protein S Deficiency & treatment for depression?

Is it Safe to have sexual intercourse with a person who is suffering from Protein S Deficiency & treatment for depression?
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Dear Doctor,

I am from India and my girlfriend is from UK and at present she is in India. We both are 27 years old. She is taking medicine for Sertraline 50mg film-coated tablet for last couple of years and she is under treatment of depression (People who are depressed or anxious think of harming or killing themselves.). Initially she had Sertraline for 100mg, then 200mg and now she is having for 50mg. In her family heritage including her - all are missing Protein S deficiency in their genes.

She never had problem with blood cloth, but her mother had surgery for venous thrombsis last year and she was having Warfarin from that day but just stopped from 20-2-2013 as per her doctor advice.

So i Just came to know about medicine and deficiency in her after we had french kissed and then she carried on with blowjob to me. So i want to know that

q1] Will it will pass this deficiency to me too since i kissed her and she gave a blowjob and will it will effect me in future?

q2] Is these disease / deficiency are transmission between humans by means of human sexual behaviour, including vaginal intercourse, oral sex and anal sex? [ E.g. How disease is transmitted between humans with person of AIDS or STD (Sexually transmitted Disease) or STI (sexually transmitted Infections)? ]

q3] Is it safe to have sexual intercourse with her?

q4] What is the chance of Transmitting this deficiency to a new born baby? Is there any other alternative way (medicine/precautions) where it will not affect the new born baby when she gets pregant?

So i am worried right now and would like to know your expert opinions on this. It might help others who are facing the same issues.

Any help from doctor will be great if possible.

Thank you in advance for replying to my post,


Please Note -- Please answer my queries in lay man term.
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replied May 3rd, 2013
Posted the question on 27 february 2013, but still no reply to my post. i hope i will get an reply from this website.
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replied September 3rd, 2015
Protein S Deficiency is a genetic disorder. It cannot be transmitted sexually or otherwise. It can however be passed onto a child but it may also not be. For instance, I have Protein S Deficiency and so do my mother and sister but my brother does not have it. So to answer your questions...

1.) No.
2.) No.
3.) Yes.
4.) Yes it can be transmitted to a baby because it is genetic and no- there is no way currently to stop this from happening.
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