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I had a heart attack two and half years ago. I changed my diet and forced my self to not eat more than I needed for three months, and lost 80 lbs.

I have been stuck at 210 to 220 lbs since then. I usually end op over eating, I think it is because I just do not get enough protein. Unfortunately eggs are the only affordable source.

I do eat a lot of walnuts for the omega three oils.

Even my doctor says eggs will not raise one's cholesterol. And then there is vt C therapy concept.

I do try to eat beans but only fresh cooked. I tried sprouting them and was not able to chew them. No teeth.

I do not trust dry protein powders, because amino acids are destroyed by drying.

egg whites are the best protein but taste awful. Need to make chocolate milk with them. And sweeten it with stevia.

So if any one has a better idea than eating 4 to 6 eggs a day, i would be interested.
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replied March 22nd, 2014
I need to know if the fat in the eggs are damaged by steaming.

What is the quality of raw peanuts? I am worried about damaged oils.
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