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protected sex and HIV ?

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I am very worried. I had protected sex with a commercial sex worker yesterday. She performed Oral sex with the condom on and then before the intercourse, I asked her to put on a second condom on the top of the first one. This is a first time, I visited a commercial sex worker.

The light in the room was dim and would assume that she put the condom correctly.

After I returned, I found 2 small abrasions on my penis, (not on the head but on the shaft). This has probably happenned because of the the non lubrication.

Since HIV spreads most by blood, I am very worried if there is a contact of the abrasion and if her oral sex on me before the intercourse had anything to do with the abrasion.

Please help me.
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replied August 10th, 2008
Well if wouldn't hurt to get tested. However condoms have been proven effective in studies where one partner was infected with HIV while the other wasn't. After a year long trial the couples who used condoms every time stayed HIV negative. Since there were abrasions on your penis I would suggest getting tested but as long as they were covered by the condom then it shouldn't be a problem. Also remember 2 condoms really are not necessary because the friction rubbing against the two condoms can actually weaken the latex and possibly cause the condoms to break.
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