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Prostate problem doctors are not helping me

Im 22 years very active I lift and do Cardio 5 days a week I'm healthy and I always eat clean
I had unprotected sex In new years which is 8 months ago had some symptoms after it like burning while urinating and weak erections and discharge
Went to a dr and he said maybe it's gonorrhea or chlymedia and gave me some antibiotics but they didn't help
Went to another urologist and said it's acute prostatitis and gave me some anti inflammatory and permixon
Was done with these and I
I still have very bad symptoms
Which is
Low libido
Penis head itching
Opening of penis itching
Anus itching
sometimes tightness deep in anal
Weak soft erections
Hard to maintain an erection
Sometimes I can't ejaculate while having sex
Burning while urinating
Difficulty urinating always feel that the bladder is not empty
Dribbling at the end of urinating
Went to a urogolist and made prostate exam said it is enlarged ad there is bacteria and pus in it and game some anti biotic but the symptoms are still there so I said I'll do my own research try to treat my self
I'm on Ofloxacin now And saw palmetto herb supplement I'll try these for 6 weeks
I'm not sure what I have and doctors are not helping me in here I spent around 3,000 us dollars on Dr and medicines but nothing is working
I really need help
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replied September 15th, 2012
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Hasnun, Please look at glutathione? If you trully recognized what is now possible.
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