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Millions of men experience prostate problems every year. But what defines prostate enlargement and how does the prostate grow as it enlarges?...
What puts a man at risk of having an enlarged prostate? And what causes the prostate to grow in the first place? Answer your questions here....
An enlarged prostate rarely occur before a man is 40. Learn the signs and symptoms BEFORE they occur. And know when to seek help for bothersome symptoms....
Hi all. My father has prostate cancer (under control, fortunately), so I'm interested in knowing about any prostate news-related websites that are out there. If any of you have recommendations, I'd appreciated hearing about them.

It seems that more and more I hear about male celebrities dying of prostate cancer. There just has to be an cure out there. Perhaps, in sharing knowledge in forums such as this one, we'll help speed a cure.
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replied July 24th, 2008
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What's the stage of your father disease?
Which symptoms he has?
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replied August 22nd, 2008
prostatectomy in march 2007
My husband had a prostatectomy in March 2007. All of his psa tests have been at undetectable levels until his recent one today went from 0.04 6 months ago to 0.13 today. Should that be a cause of concern. My husband seems to be in great health. When he first found out he had cancer he had bone scans and other tests and they were all negative. What should his next step be. Could his psa test not be completely accurate and should we have the test repeated.
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