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i cannot get a prostate exam by a male doc.

I have four questions:

1. Can a female nurse practitioners give them?
I still am extremely embarrassed because in 1986 (i am 46 now) i obtained a full erection upon full insertion. Doc noticed it as I turned to dress, I did NOT realize i had an erection, that is the truth.
She saw it, even though she didn't say a word and looked away.
I have never had an exam since.
There were extenuating circumstances: she had me bend over the table and completely pulled my own underwear to near my knees, wiped off the lube from me when was done with paper towels, and pulled my underwear up when done. inexperence, she was a young doc.

2. is it really necessary before age 50??

Quesion # 3: i found two females that are urologists: One is doc and one is nurse practictioner. Any idea which is more likely to do the exam?
I maintain a very short haircut ( NOT shave there). Do female docs think badly of a patient who does that?

4. I prefer to be on my side when examined, do most docs ask bent over or on side??

Thanks for your time.
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replied February 19th, 2009
What? Why would you want a female to give you one if you gained an erection in front of a female the last time? You're 46, get over your adolescent immaturity and have it done by a male. Geez. And then you go on to ask if female docs have a problem with unshaven hair?? You seem to get want a female to do it for other reasons....
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