About 1 month and a half/2 months ago I injured my finger during basketball and of course it was swollen and hard to move and until now it's still painful and you can see a clear bruising on the side of my pinky - it hurts to make a fist and the pain radiates down to the palm area of my hand as well. If i leave it still for awhile, it feels very stiff/painful when I move it.

I got an X-Ray around the middle of my pinky finger it seems and they said nothing was broken and just buddy taped my finger together.

I have to also input that during the 2 months when I injured it, I went to the gym and lifted quite heavy on 2 occasions which I'm sure made it worse and also got a massage and forgot I sprained my finger (they pulled on it hard and did all these weird massage things to it) during the process as well. I stopped all my workouts for the past 3 or so weeks.

It has not gotten better at all and I'm wondering if I should be extra worried. Thank you!
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