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Prognosis For Stage IV NSC adenocarcinoma

Can anyone please provide me with information on a likely prognosis for my mother. My mother does not want to know, so I have not asked the doctor in her presence. My mother is 80 years old. She was diagnosed with Stage IV non-small-cell adenocarcinoma almost a year ago (March 2008). At that time, the tumors had just begun to spread into the second lung lobe. It has not metasticized to any other areas of her body. My mother has had multiple chemo treatments, including carboplatinum and alimpta. She is relatively asymptomatic, except a lot of coughing and a lack of vitality and lack of appetite. She is not coughing up blood at this point. If anyone has any helpful information, I would be very grateful. I am her only relative and I live thousands of miles away. I need to get some estimate of when I should plan on the likely point I will need to fly her out to live with me and my family. (She wants to maintain her independence as long as possible, but we don't want to wait until she's so weak she can't fly.) Thanks.
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replied April 30th, 2009
Prognosis for stage 4
my mother,73, was just diagnosed with with the same type but the lymph nodes and bones are also involved at this point.We don't know much yet about duration of life. My mother doesn't want to know either, but her children do.
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