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Problems with my boyfriend, who has bipolar. What should i do ?.

I'm so upset. My boyfriend has bipolar disorder, and he gets really nasty sometimes when he has drunk alcohol. He had a few drinks on Thursday, even though he told me that he wasn't going to get drunk. He also told me that he wasn't going to see his friends, but he has gone there. I didn't go with him to see his friends, as i don't like them. He started getting nasty with me for no reason, telling me to f*** off. We argued after that, as i told him that i wouldn't tolerate him swearing at me. As i was getting in the taxi home, my boyfriend was stood near the door of the taxi, and he kept asking me what would happen when he gets back from seeing his friends, and i kept telling him to send me a message when he gets back. The taxi driver said we had to go because the meter was running, and i had to keep telling my boyfriend that we had to drive away. My boyfriend said " kiss my d*** " in an angry tone of voice and slammed the door. As the taxi was driving away, he stuck his middle finger up at me !. I opened the window and shouted to him, but he didn't turn around. He was walking towards the train station then to go and catch the train to see his friends. I haven't stopped crying since i got home, and i'm worried that he will dump me, and even that he might not come back home at all. He doesn't really need to come back home, as he doesn't have a job here, and doesn't have a lot of stuff in his house either. It isn't really his house either, as he is on benefits. He has always come back home in the past ( the longest he has stayed with his friends for has been four days ), but we have never parted on such bad terms before. And he is impulsive, because of the bipolar disorder. He deson't have a mobile phone, so i would have to wait for him to either call me from a phone box, or for him to message me on facebook when he gets home. I have a key to his house, so i can go round any time to see if he's back. Should i just go round to his place within the next few days, or should i wait until he contacts me ?. It will be difficult waiting for him to contact me though, and i'm not sure what to do in the mean time. Or should i dump him ?. He is lovely most of the time, one of the kindest, sweetest people you could ever meet. But he changes when he has had a lot to drink. Has anyone else here had any experiences like this with people with bipolar disorder, and if so, what happened ?. Another thing i dont like though too is that he told me that he occassionally smokes marajuana. I have only seen him do that once though. I have been with him for ten months.
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