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Problems after my Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy!!

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Hello i had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on August 4th, for bad sore throats, tonsil stones, ect. The surgery itself went well. Almost immediately after the surgery i developed a very nasty infection, very thick green mucous and started having post nasal drip. I called my surgeon he prescribed a strong antibiotic took that for 2 weeks, it didn't work i still felt very bad and tired and still was having very thick green and yellow mucous coming out of mouth. So i went to my regular GP and he prescribed a different round of antibiotics that i took for 2 weeks, towards the end of that i started noticing blood in my mucous coming out of mouth as well as in my nose. Not a nosebleed, just there when i blow my nose. I went to see an ENT here (where i go to school) and he stuck something up my nose, and said that I had very very very thick mucous and it was pretty yellow back there, he said that the leftover adenoid tissue looked irritated and as if it was the source of the blood. He prescribed me antibiotics for a month, I have been taking them for 2 weeks now, and the mucous coming out of my mouth has seemed to have gotten thicker and the blood is a lot more frequent now almost every time i hack to get something up or blow my nose there is a presence of blood. I also have had extremely bad headaches recently that won't go away with medicine. He said that if this doesn't clear up with these antibiotics we will have to investigate it with a CT scan. I have a few questions, what on earth could this be and WHY WON'T IT GO AWAY! Also, should i be concerned about the presence of blood occurring a lot more frequently? What would he be looking for with the CT scan? I was going to call my doctor on Monday or Tuesday, but i kind of wanted to ask on here for peace of mind. Question
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replied October 14th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

It is quite uncommon to prescribe antibiotics for more than about 10 days. Usually, if the infection is not cleared in that amount of time, something else usually has to be done.

Antibiotics do not get into abscesses or other pockets of pus, because there is no blood supply to deliver the antibiotics into the area. So, if there is a collection of purulent material, then that usually will need to be drained surgically.

A CT or MRI is usually obtained it see if there is a collection of pus. If so, then the surgeon will be able to tell where it is, so that it can be drained and the area debrided of any nonviable tissue.

Antibiotics are fine, but they usually are not the mainstay of treatment for surgical wound infections. Debridement and removal of dead tissue is the usual treatment for these problems.

You will have to see how things go and what is found on examination (studies). Once the surgeon knows what is going on, then a treatment plan can be developed.

Good luck.
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