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problem during intercourse i'm unable to penetrate

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Hi, I'm a healthy 30yr old male, married for 2yrs. whenever i and my wife had intimate moments and indulged in intercourse, i'm unable to penetrate into her vagina(i use condoms as we are not planning for an issue now). I do have a good erection and it lasts for 30mins. I'm a pure veggie. I do not consume alcohol nor i smoke. My morning erections are good. Could you please help in this regard.
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replied April 12th, 2012
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As you haven't given much information, the first thing I would check is whether or not you have engaged much in foreplay.

Something a lot of people don't realise is that although an erection may be essential to achieve penetration, it's by no means the be all & end all. The female also needs to be sufficiently aroused in order to release her natural lubricants. The labia majora will even visibly swell up, often revealing the labia minora in so doing.

Even if the female is suitably aroused, it is possible that still may not be releasing sufficient lubricants for a comfortable penetration, so the obvious solution may also be to try using a water based lubricant.
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replied April 15th, 2012
Hi Pineman, Thank you for the reply. Yes there is some good foreplay. Anyway think need to work on it little more. Din't get some medical terms you used. But got the summary that more foreplay and using water based lubricants. will come back for any doubts/questions
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