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Probiotics and digestive aids

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Will using prbiotics and digestive aids help possible gallbladder issues? I have been having dull pains in my upper abdomen for about 5 days and it has been accompanied by pain in my back around the trapazoids area on both sides of my back. This pain in my back has been on and off for about 2 months. I do not have a fever or pain on my right side only or right shoulder, which I constantly read is a main symptom of gall bladder issues. But I have digestive aids and porbiotics in the house, which I have used at times, during and after antibiotics, and when I have felt bad due to indigestion and stomach illnesses.

I was told by a friend to take probiotics regularly and lesson intake of caffeine and dairy. I eat well, regular meals, and do not eat alot of junk. I do smoke, and drink coffee, but not soda. I am not a big alcohol drinker either. Maybe only one glass a wine a month or so.

Will what I was advised about the probiotics help, or do I have to do these cleanses? Does it sound as though I have to go to the doctor yet to get help or can I change things reasonably at home to treat this?

These cleanses sounds so timeconsuming and hard to manage. Is there an easier way or better way without giving up normal eating of regular meals, etc?

Any good advise would help at this point.

Thank you.
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