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PRIMOLUT-N what is the tablet for, will i get my periods?

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Im 29yrs old. I had my period on the (16th mar)and then on (18th of april).we had unprotected sex on the 1st may. But for the month of may ,i still haven't got my periods.i tested with the preg test card on 23 may and and it is negative.i met a Gync and she told me to repeat the test on may 30th,i did the test n it was negative,the doc did a scan and she told me that my uterus was clean and there are no symptons of pregnancy.she told that there were two cycsts that she could figure out in the scan.she presribed MEPRATE or PRIMOLUT-N 5mg for 5 days and that i would get withdrawal bleeding within 5days of the in take of the tablet.what is the tablet for,and will i get my periods regularly from next month.i also have symptons of vomiting and keep burping after eating any food.please help n give a reply.
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