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Prickly feeling in vagina

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Hi I'm hoping someone can help because I'm freaking out.

I had protected (condom) vaginal intercourse on September 1st. I had shaved down there so I felt irritation for the next few days. Then I noticed a milky, mucousy discharge and had a terrible prickly feeling (like small pieces of glass are up inside of me).

I used a 3 day yeast infection medicine which cleared the bad feeling for those 3 days. After the 3 days ended, the symptoms came back.

I went to the doctor who did a visual exam and saw nothing and took swabs for STDs and yeast. I haven't heard anything back which leads me to believe it isn't any of those.

Now, I still have the prickly feeling and it's almost been 3 weeks.

Could the yeast infection medicine alleviate symptoms from other things too? Should I take another dose of the medicine? Could this be Herpes???? (there are no sores of any kind but vulva area is a little red and irritated).

The bad feeling is in my vagina not in the vulva area. There is no unusual odor.

Please help me! Thanks.
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replied February 25th, 2009
well my advice to you, although im probably not the best one to go for concidering im not specialist.. but you should definitly go to a women's health clinic, or even your family doctor. Be tested for all kinds of STI'S and if it all comes back clear, then maybe it's just a simple yeast infection that you can get rid of, or a UTI. I guess i can't really help you that much, but i recommend that you go to a doctor asap, before it gets worse... Smile
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replied May 13th, 2009
I'm having the same issue except I didnt have sexual intercourse but I recieved oral and got fingered. I had these symtoms before that though and it all began when I shaved.

I used vitamin e to try to calm the itchness down but after using that, I noticed it got worse.

It's so prickly ...

One thing I noticed we both have in common is we both shaved. That might be the problem.
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replied August 13th, 2016
I personally have been to the doctor and had every test done myself. When my test results were negative I asked my doctor what could it be? She said it may still be a yeast infection of the skin and to use yeast infection products. I did with same result of some relief with it coming back. So I started to take probiotics, the brand I use is Spring Valley extra strength 10Billion active cultures, found at Wal Mart. It cleared up my acne, and after a while because it's not overnight I finally had relief the first time in years! Can't hurt to try, I know how much it hurts and frustrating it really is when the doctor is scratching their heads about it too. I am no doctor just someone who found something that worked for herself.
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