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Prickling/Burning and Tightness in Cheek & Stuffy Ear?

I was told I had TMJ after a long root canal surgery in which my jaw was wedged open for nearly 2 hours. I get some pain in the left side, sometimes it feels like my jaw is really tense and it pops or clicks alot. Also if I look in the mirror and open my mouth slowly, it moves over the right side and then back to centre instead of going straight down.

But all in all it's quite minor, I don't have problems most of the time but when i do they're always on the left.

But now I'm getting this weird burning/prickling sensation on the left side of my face. It's like either when the dentist anaesthetic has not quite worn off, or like having cramp but without the muscle twitch. hard to describe. It started as a small patch on my cheek and spread to my whole cheek, jaw, under my left eye, ear, and behind and below the ear. My ear aches and feels muffled as well. Does anyone else get this?

I have a weird theory it's because I used a mud face mask. It dried tighter than anything I've tried before, my whole face felt pulled and squashed and it was really uncomfortable. When I washed it off, it continued to feel like I was still wearing the mask until I fell asleep. The next day the strange symptoms started. Could it have set it off, pinched a nerve or something?

The other possibility I can think of is I hurt my neck a few weeks ago and strained it on the right side and into my right shoulder. It is still quite sore and my range of motion for moving my head isn't back to normal. Could that have affected my jaw etc on the left side?

I went to the Dr yesterday because all the online stuff I read said that I had MS. She tested my nerves and reflexes etc and everything was fine. No loss of sensation, no muscle weakness or anything like that. Just this weird burning prickling ssensation, muffled ear, jaw ache and still the stiff neck from before. She said it might all be related to my neck because my range of motion is still resticted and etc and it might be casuing presurre on a nerve. She said come back in a week if it doesn't get batter and she will think about referring me for physio. I also noticed if I open my mouth and don't stick my tongue out,it looks like it sits higher on one side at the back of my mouth. Am trying to tell myself it's TMJ related because if I look in the mirror and clench my teeth my jaw bulges on the same side as the pricklin/burning and the muffled ear but I really worry.

But, all her tests on me were normal and I went to my Zumba class last night and aside from some neck pain I felt totally fine for the whole hour, and that is a major workout. I was as energetic as always, no cordination problems, wasn't aware of the feeling in my face at all, or for the rest of the evening. not until I woke up this morning again so I think it can't be MS or a brain tumour etc and I'm over reacting..

Does anyone else identify? Any one found anything that works or any advice.
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replied May 9th, 2012
my TMJ started out the same way. some twitching of the eye and mouth, then numbness and tingling only on the left side. After a few weeks it turned into full blown pain and neck spasms. Everyone told me I'd be fine in a few weeks but it got much worse.

The fact that you get pops and clicks and the jaw deviates on opening as well as jaw pain ( i had these too) indicates some level of TMJ. I would get to a TMJ specialist, you are early enough maybe a relativley inexpensive soft splint for a few weeks might solve it. I waited months and now am 6 weeks into an NM orthotic with only small improvement.
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