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Previous Smoker born with Primary Lymphedema - Lung Cancer

First and foremost I want to say thank you to everyone who replies to this post. I am going through a scary time right now and am unable to get an x-ray until some weeks from now.


I was born with primary lymphedema that is prevalent in my hands and my lower right leg. I understand this has to do with my lymph nodes and their removal of wastes from my body, and that they play a huge part in my immune system.

Now all criticism aside, I know I have made some bad choices in my life, but for the past two to three years, I have been a moderate to heavy smoker. I am currently 21 now, and I started smoking when I went to college. I have also smoke marijuana for the past 4 years, and up until a month ago, I smoked synthetic marijuana for a period of two months, before realizing that it was not worth it. I smoked it because I am currently on probation for a DUI I received last year. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been noticing a large number of small "normal looking" moles pop up all over my body, as well as on my neck, face, and scalp.

I went to the doctor today and asked him if i should be concerned about skin cancer, and he knows that I have been a smoker for the past couple of years, although I did not tell him I have smoked synthetic marijuana or that I used to smoke real marijuana.

I am concerned about lung cancer, and that these moles popping up are a sign that it has spread to my skin. Now that signs and symptoms are showing up it seems to make sense that this could be the case considering that I also have primary lymphedema. My grandmother also died from lung cancer.

Now to anyone reading this that thinks I am a complete idiot and I deserve to die, please just save your time. I am going through some incredible mental agony at the moment with my uncertainty and all I want are some possible answers and whether or not I should speed myself to the emergency room for an x-ray or cat scan.
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