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I am going to keep this as short as possible so let me know if you need more info.

I'm a girl(32) started dating another girl a year ago around the same age. Before I met her the longest relationship she had was a year. She was a previous player but doesn't want that anymore.

She says that her relationships always end once she commits. So we have been dating a year non exclusively. She says she's never met anyone like me but also wants to date others to make sure I'm the one since in the past she has just dated crazy woman she says. Shes dated a couple people but nothing serious. She kept the first one from me for a little so I got mad and has since then not wanted to tell me things like that because she thinks I will act crazy. I was upset cause she lied. Well I just found out yesterday they slept together but I just hate that she keeps these things from me but the past is also the past. The most she has gone on was three dates and she always comes back to me.

She recently committed to me then changed her mind. She's been talking to an American in Europe who will be visiting in May so she wants to see if there is anything there.

The girl won't even move here for a little while after that.

We live together and I will be dating others soon. I'm in love with her so it's stinks. She says she's in love with me too and wants to buy a house this year and have kids next year even if we don't work out.

I'm just trying to understand what she is going through and if I should just give up and move on. I know she has things to work through since she thinks we will fail eventually anyway.

I want to still be able to live with her but not have these feelings pf jealousy cause it only makes me insecure and I'm very independent.
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