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Previous conjunctivitis outbreak caused permanently red eyes


Approximately 2 years ago I had a nasty outbreak of conjunctivitis. I went to the eye hospital and they diagnosed me with some very particular sciency name for the condition (not sure whether specifically within the general conjunctivitis umbrella of conditions or on top of conjunctivis but it essentially was saying I had these phantom floaters in my eye, if anyone could remind me of the name that would be great). Anyway I was prescribed with chlorsig and a steriod. I thought that would treat it permanently and whilst the puffy eyelids went away and eyes became less red, I have noticed since then the surface of my eye is a bit scrunchy, still redder than before with little veins or cracks emerging and my iris looking a bit yellower as opposed to a near perfect white colour I used to have.

I'm wondering whether the "look" of my eyes can be restored? The chlorsig made it white again however I've heard using this repeatedly / excessively will only make it redder over time.

Also as a separate question I am considering getting laser surgery and wonder whether this could be corrected in the meantime? I also heard that laser eye surgery reduces the colour of your eyes but not sure about this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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