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Previous Autism Likely?

Hi, I've never been diagnosed (Dx) with autism or aspergers or anything like that, but I've grown up with severe ADHD, irritability, social issues, ritualistic behaviors, and all sorts of symptoms similar to autism. I have a really hard time communicating even with loved ones how I feel and what I mean which all sort of seems to point to autism/aspergers. I have a bit of a "stutter-like thing" when I try to explain myself to others but it is NOT a verbal-tic or true "stutter" nor is it anything related to Tourette's Disorder. I don't know if it it just a lot of ADHD manifesting itself in a way that appears to be autism or is coming out as a blend of the two (No idea), but I have had testing done for autism and it came back as "negative" but I still wonder if I should even try to do anything about looking into it or not. I'm 22 now, and a large chunk of my issues went away that I describe as "autism;" especially after I started Abilify and Dexedrine. However, I didn't take these medicines at the same time but the anti-psychotics always helped the irritability I felt somehow and I just still wonder if there is a chance I "slipped under the radar" with autism and nobody knew?

I know definitely there is no way to ever know for 100% certainty (and I have consulted many professionals in this area; including therapists/psychiatrists/psychologists) and none of them really know.

My question is, is it possible I could have had ADHD AND Autism at the same time growing up? Does me being older have any link to improvement (should I have been diagnosed with autism)?
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