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As someone with this in the family, who contacted it a decade before I know what I know, it is my mission to prevent this awful disease. This is my sub-sub-specialty
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replied July 5th, 2015
Prevention is the best protection.

Alzheimer's researchers are agreed that prevention is the best method for avoiding the disease- i.e. to take precautions against the disease even before it manifests itself and/or to prevent it.

The maxim that the sooner the disease is recognized, the better the chances of doing something about it also applies to an Alzheimer's diagnosis.

Prof. David Snowdon, the researcher from the nun Study (search: nun study) is certain:
that prevention is the best protection from Alzheimer's, especially and above all if you have a case of Alzheimer's in the family.
He says:
Prof. David Snowdon says it as follows:

"By the time you have memory problems - it is already too late, which means the disease has already advanced. You possibly should act long time before that happens to try to prevent it from happening.“

Prof. Pat McGeer is an Alzheimer's scientist and he is convinced that you too should take an anti-inflammatory medicine.

“Should people who don't have rheumatism also take anti-inflammatory medicines to protect against Alzheimer's?”

“Yes, they should” is his answer.
You will find more on both opinions when checking the nun-study research online.
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replied July 6th, 2015
There is absolutely no question that dementia can be largely prevented with proper diet, exercise and question at all. This is now my sub specialty. Thanks for your comment.
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