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hi i am worried about a sensation that is located at the bottom of my spine just above my buttocks it feels like something is putting pressure on it from the inside out i have had this for about two weeks now and its slowly getting worse it isnt painfull but i have noticed lately that when i pass my stool i have to go back half an hour later to rewipe but its not stool its more like a orange liquid its more the pressure thats concerning me i am 36 and im worried i might have cancer as i have just lost a close friend of 34 to brain cancer i have booked a oppointment at the doctors but they say i have to wait till the 31st of march i do go regulary to the toilet and it dosnt hurt nor is there any blood in my stool please could you possibly shed some light on this problem thank you
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replied March 15th, 2010
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Hi Colety50 and welcome to ehealth....I am sorry about your problem and am having the Administrator transfer this post to the Intestinal Disorders Forum...I think when a close friend of yours, passes at such a young age to such a sad disease that we worry more about our own life...Maybe it's a good thing...However, stress can be a culprit along these lines...This can raise havoc with our inner self...This post should be on the Intestinal forum tomorrow...Please get back to us after your appointment and let us know how you are...Good luck and take care...

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