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Pressure in head and chest pain

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I am a 25 year old female. Healthy my whole life, normal weight range, have one 3 year old son. For 2 years now I have been experiencing these weird symptoms. It happened out of nowhere one night for the first time while I was just laying down watching TV. I had just had an abnormal pap smear and had to go back for further testing which came back negative. I experienced a strange sensation in my arm. Like needles poking. Then I stood up and felt dizzy and faint. I called my sister who lived with me at the time and she called an ambulance. I thought I was dying. They took my BP which was high but going down by the minute. They said I was having a panic attack and no need to go to the ER.

Well ever since that day I have been having "episodes" of these symptoms. Some days I am 100 percent fine. No symptoms at all. I can go with no symptoms for weeks even a few months and I will think they are never coming back. But then out of no where again, the symptoms come back and they last for days or sometimes WEEKS.

Here are my symptoms:
-Weird headaches like a pressure or my head feels like it's going to blow up.
-weird chest pains. sometimes shooting pains sometimes a dull achy pain.
-feeling of "out of my body" like I'm not me or like I'm somewhere else
-shortness of breath. I feel like i have to breathe deeply to get air.
-just a strange panic like feeling. like i'm dying at any minute.
-a "jittery" feeling all over my body. Sometimes you can even see my hands shaking.

Now when the symptoms are not there, I don't feel the anxiety. I have been to MANY doctors. All say it's anxiety. I have tried several medications. xanex is all that seems to help but only for a short time and the symptoms come back. I have been to a cardiologist, a neurologist, and my regular doctor. Not to mention the many times my husband has taken me to the ER for this. And had many tests including blood work, CAT scan, MRI, Chest xrays, ekgs, etc. NOTHING has shown in any tests that there is anything at all wrong with me. All my docs say I'm perfectly healthy and these symptoms are simply anxiety and panic related and i need to calm down. Well its hard to calm down when I feel like I'm dying. So basically I'm not sure if the symptoms are causing the anxiety or the anxiety is causing the symptoms. I am scared to death that I have a horrible physical problem no doctor has discovered yet and that I will die if I continue on this way. Are all these symptoms "normal" for just an anxiety disorder? And if not, why are all my tests and doctors saying I'm healthy? The symptoms seem to have no rhyme or reason. They come and go. I am so tired of this. PLEASE help me!
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First Helper RLee2007

replied November 13th, 2009
I don't think anything is 'normal' for an enxierty disorder to be honest. I've had some really strange symptoms (all at different times) ; thumping heartbeat, weird twinges in my bladder, tight throat. One by one, anything serious has been ruled out and once I've been reasurred, the symptoms disappear. The best advice I can give is, providing you've been checked out by a professional and they've given you the all-clear, try and ignore the symptoms and maybe they'll go. Good luck Smile
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replied March 8th, 2012
Have you considered magnesium deficiency? I suggest you see a Naturopath or Nutritionist to assess whether this is the possible causes of all of your symptoms. In Australia, a doctor can provide a prescription to have red blood cell magnesium levels tested.
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replied October 24th, 2012
If it helps you at all, (i know this is an old post and i hope you since found some peace) i found your post because I too have had very similar symptoms for near 2 years in bouts of a few days or weeks at a time. The first gap between bouts of this was 6 months or more. I have also been told anxiety although I chose not to take daily meds. I am seeing a counsellor to try and get it under control. I must admit my symptoms have eased since accepting I have anxiety, although at times I do panic that it's something worse, like you. Like you, I can often trace the onset back to health events - yours started after an abnormal pap smear, mine after my glands mysteriously swelled up (got all clear for anything serious). Then around 6 months later it came about again - started with some odd chest pains and continued with a week long headache/head pressure for which i got a CT scan, all clear. I've had ECG's on more than one occasion and even took myself to ER when it all first started as I was petrified. In the ER they did another ECG (fine) as well as a chest X-RAY (fine). Just recently I found out I have high cholesterol and that news seemed to trigger another bout of headaches and odd pains around my body - chest, ankles, wrists, knees, back. I also constantly felt like I needed to go to the toilet (urine test - fine). Some of my body pains are longer aches and some are sharper pains. None of the pains seem unbearable but it feels strange and makes me worry which in turn makes it worse. I've since done my own research on anxiety, stress & depression and the more I read the more I realise just how physically they can present themselves. About a year ago I was also in a big earthquake in Japan (I was living there and had to flee home and leave all my stuff, my apartment etc due to news of a nuclear scare) it was an incredibly frightening time so I believe that might have 'opened me up' for anxiety to take hold. I've always been a slightly anxious person but never to this extent. I hope that this helps reassure you, you aren't alone in what you're experiencing. I feel better when I eat healthy, exercise, and make myself do the things I know make me happy (even if at times I don't feel like it). I hope you found some relief.
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