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Pressure headache, dizziness, loss of balance

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Hi there

About a year ago I returned from a walk, didnt feel that well on my return home so lay down. On getting up experienced bad dizziness, couldnt balance and kept veering to the right with pressure headache. On arriving at ED was hypertensive and not usually. Given meds to help with nausea but otherwise drs not concerned and told to hydrate. Yesterday almost a year later I experienced the same symptoms after walking back from my friends place - only 10 mins. Experienced the symptoms the next morning on waking. My Dr seem to think its due to wax in my right ear causing me to lose balance - I wish it was that simple. Two days later I have my blaance back but still feeling slightly dizzy and headachy - also bradycardic (low heart rate) this time - had amybody else experienced this? WOuld appreciate any input - thankyou. Question
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replied May 1st, 2011
vertigo causes and blood pressure
I would get a blood pressure log from amazon toi keep track of your heart rate and pressure when theses symptoms occur. It may be your interear no seen on a normal ear exam. Labyrinthitis or meniere's disease
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