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Pressure, dizzyness and fluid, constant slight fog/daze

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Ive had this sort of lightheaded haze in my head for months now.

It started back in January. I had gotten eyeglasses last year sometime in oct nov, something around then. (yes I know this isn't the ye forum it's a build up to that.) Anyway I used em mainly to read road signs as I couldn't see em until they were right there. Anyway one night in January I was out going to see a movie and stopped at dennys. While waiting for the food I started to sweat alot. It was like a fevor was just rising quickly. Nausea came little by little and soon my vision was just tanking. The room started to not be solid and non moving.

So of course I go home being driven, I crash in bed and then have the most god aweful 2 weeks of my life. My vision was so screwed up with severe verdigo the room whipped this way and that as if someone were shaking the whole thing. Of course constant vomiting ensued as well and after I layed their for 3 days I crawled to the doctors with my pale. The idiots said it was probably nothing and to sleep it off, another 4 days go by and the rooms still moving though the sickness isn't as bad and they suggest an mri (ya no insurance upwards of 2 grand I didn't feel like entering that sort of debt pool) They did end up prescribing me nasonex later on, didn't really help. My father however had these dizzy pills, yellow ones named meclizine. They started to straighten out the sever vertigo to where my head was more or less just a fog.

Ok sorry for the long prequel. Anyway flash forward in time and my heads pretty much always in this constant slight fog/daze. Somedays the pressure goes away in my head, theirs really no daze, and the pressure on my eyes goes away as well and everything seems pretty much like it was when everything was fine.

Recently Ive had spells where the lightheadedness is in full gear nausea is constant, and theirs this pressure in the front and top of my head and now recently my eyes feel tired. Almost like I was sucker punched in the eye. Theirs this pressure right around them. Sometimes to the point where the vision blurs slightly sometimes.

Right now it's as if the right side of my head feel heavier then the other. If I try and rotate my head to do neck exercises the dizziness increases. If I walk around it seems like the dizziness increases. Also my ears feel like their full of fluid.

I went back to the doctors about a month ago when the worse spells started, they checked my eyes had me lye down and sit up, turn. Then sent me for a ct scan of my brain and sinus's but they came back fine.

I just have no idea. Somethings gotta be screwed up inside the head. but what I can't figure out.

Could wearing a pair of glasses just for driving irrepressibly screw my head up? I even tried wearing the things to see if the condition would change but other then seeing more sharply the sickness and lightheadedness still prevailed. On top of the glasses making me more sick while using them as an all the time thing.

Any thoughts? Any suggestions? I doubt it's anxiety. I really have nothing to worry over. Hell if anything id says lifes pretty damn good. But I'm just so sick of this constant haze.

Oh ya I take a vitamin a day, and that allergy pill that compares to zantak.
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replied October 23rd, 2011
i have constant unbalanced feeling almost every day i have absolutely no idea where its coming from. my sinuses are all jacked up and i get frequent sinus infections in the winter. although i feel unbalanced the room or anything around me does not move at all. its like my head is full of water and i am the one rocking back and forth. i am very frustrated with all this let me know if you find a cause. my ears always pop when i swallow and chew. i dont know if that has anything to do with it.
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replied November 16th, 2011
Lyme Disease
I dont know for sure but i had similar symptoms a few years ago..and was later diagnosed with Lyme Disease..
that is not to say you definitely have Lyme, but i think it is something worth talking about with your doctor and it never hurts to run a few blood tests, even just to rule something out..
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