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Prescription for 2 instant release drugs at the same time?

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I am curious if anyone else has ever been allowed to have more than two instant release amphetamine prescriptions at any given time. The two drugs that I would like to take are IR Dex and IR Adderall (without anything else -- as in, no XR drugs). My psychiatrist said he can only prescribe me one IR drug at a time. I'm not sure if he's not letting me get both for his own reasons (such as not wanting to look bad to the authorities for prescribing two IR drugs that could be abused) or if it is due to some sort of policy restriction beyond his control. Is it possible that a different psychiatrist might be under a different policy and would be able to prescribe these two drugs to me or is it the same everywhere?

(I would ask him directly but I have horrible communication with him -- yes, I'm in the process of looking for another.)

Does anyone know where I could look to read up on whatever existent policies there are on prescribing amphetamines in general?
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