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Prescription brand help- severe pain!

My Dr. Has prescribed Hydrocodone/apap 10/500 for my back pain the past four years. Normally I only need to take one pill once or twice per day as needed, and if I'm in terrible pain 3 pills per day will relieve my pain until I'm at least comfortable. I have always gotten my prescriptions filled from Walgreens (Pensacola, FL, various locations) and they have always looked and worked the same- Watson brand, blue in color. On November 23rd I got my prescription filled at publix because it was convenient and I was also picking up an antibiotic on their "free list", however this time the Hydrocodone was a different brand, shape and color... Unfortunately they arent nearly as effective and ive been in 2 to 3 times the pain but taking double the pills! The pills are white Mallinkrt brand, and after doing some google research I've found that they are notorious for not working well. What can I do about getting the remainder of my bottle turned in or exchanged for a different brand? I'm in so much pain and I feel sick from taking so much medication. I cannot wait this out until the end of December when my refill will be available because Im miserable and cannot sleep or get comfortable no matter how or where I sit/lie down... Not to mention has got to be harmful to put so much medication in my body. Please help! My commencement ceremony is saturday, i work full time as a paralegal and im a single mom... I can't afford to miss work/finals, etc. Thank you so much for the help.
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replied December 10th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

Sorry, but once the prescription has left the pharmacy, it can not be returned for exchange.

Every patient is different and reacts to medications differently. Some patients prefer one brand over another. I personally have no problems with the Mallinckrodt brand. They work just as well as any other brand. But, I have read where other patients do have problems with them.

About the only thing you might be able to do (but it will mean that you will have to pay for the medicine) is to ask your physician to write a new script for the number of tablets you have remaining. You would probably have to bring in your remaining tablets to the physician so that they can be destroyed in his/her presence. Then, with a call from the physician, explaining why you need the extra script, you can get it filled, somewhere that carries the brand you want.

But, the original tablets would have to be destroyed, before the other is filled, otherwise it wound be considered doubling up on your script.

But, with the way Florida is reacting to controlled medicine prescriptions, this is about the only way you MIGHT be able to get the ones you need.

On your next script, be sure to ask which brand the prescription is being filled with. If it is not what you want, don't fill it. Go somewhere else. You can also ask the pharmacist to order the particular brand you want. You will need to do this in advance. Mom&Pop pharmacies tend to be better at this, but if the pharmacist at a big chain knows your, he/she will probably work with you also.

Sorry about your troubles. Good luck.
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