my period is late by about 5-6 months (have never been regular)
boobs hurt a lot
tired a little bit more then i have been
back hurts more
i feel like butterflies sometimes when i move around a lot or at night when i am tring to sleep
i have taken 3 test (at night) and they all come out neg
i have had 13 miscarges and 1 baby boy that i have had about 41\2 years ago
could i be preg and the test be wrong
need to know
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replied September 30th, 2009
before i would even consider answering this question, i would tell you to take a test using your urine when you first wake up!! that is when the chemicals that react with the tests are more dense because it's been so long since you urinated last.
i'm so sorry about your miscarriages. i've only experienced one (that was a definite) but have had several other episodes that i believe were miscarriages. regardless, take a test using your morning urine.
otherwise, the butterflies could be the baby moving if you ARE pregnant. If the test still comes back neg go to your OB. you should never be 5-6 months 'late' with your cycle without a medical reason.
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