well i was wondering if a girl could get pregnant while she is bleeding i am really confused and is it normal to stop bleeding after you had sex and was on your period.
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replied March 13th, 2010
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Susan and David,

It will be very very unusual for a girl to get pregnant from period sex. It is not impossible however. If you have very short cycles, less than 21 days for example, it is quite possible. Very few women however have cycles that short but why take the chance?

When you have an orgasm, your uterus and cervix may have contractions. These can make you start your period a little bit early (if done before your menstruation) or stop it (if you are close to the end).

During the orgasm, the contractions can force out the menstrual flow that would have taken a while longer to come out naturally, to come out at once. It can also just halt the flow for a while if your period was not finished yet.

You should really consider protecting yourself. When you are on your period, your cervix is open and will allow for germs to easily enter your uterus. Having unprotected sex during your period is also not a guarantee that you will not become pregnant. Why will you both risk your future for a few moments of fun when you can easily make it much safer and still have all the fun?

PLEASE take care and protect yourself and your future.
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