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Pregnant - slept with two guys but had period in between

Hey i was wondering if anyone could help me please.

I am currently 30 weeks (exactly) pregnant (based on LMP). My LMP was 9th April and my due date is 14th January 2015. I had sex with my ex on 23rd March (one time only). I then started having sex with my current partner 3rd April and continued to have sex with him and him only from this point onwards. As i already mentioned i had a period 9th April. According to LMP i conceived around 19th-26th April. I went for 3D scan yesterday and according to that i am 5 days ahead compared to what i thought i was (making my due date 9th January 2015). I need to know if there is any chance at all that my ex is the father of this baby? I think it is my current boyfriends baby but i need to know for definite. Do i need to get a paternity test? Can they ever get dates wrong by like a month? I am completely panicking and i would be so grateful if you could help answer my questions. Thank you
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replied November 7th, 2014
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Since you had your period after having sex with your ex, it is your current partner's baby.

The fact that you are now at week 30 5 days further means your baby is growing faster.It does not mean that you conceived 5 days earlier. Up to around week 18, the scan measures time from conception, with the most accurate scan at week 6. After week 18 it measures growth and time to birth, not time from conception.

Take care, and stop worrying.
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