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pregnant pressure in pelvics

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hi im 37 weeks pregnant and im feeling alot of pelvic pressure like somethings pushing down as well as discharging alot! and the upper part of my legs are sore and tender! also my back is killing me and my rib cage is sore.could labor be soon and could my baby dropped already even if my tummy(bump) looks sort of high still?
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replied December 27th, 2008
sounds like you are getting ready to have your baby the pressure you feel and the discharge are normal
the discharge is more then likely the mucus plug that is in your vagina when it is getting close to the time for your due date your body will naturally do this to rid itself of the plug. the pressure you feel is your body preparing itself for your hips are now starting to get ready to spread and yes your legs and back will feel tender from it. it is normal as for the ribs being sore that is do to the room issue in your belly as your baby gets bigger your belly body expands to hold the baby and hence causes tenderness and soreness it is perfectly natural. congrats on your baby and good luck.
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