Okay, I'm going to try to make this short, so I'm sorry if this gets a little lengthy. I just need to describe correctly.
Any who, I'm 16 and about three weeks ago I had protected sex for the first time with my boyfriend of a year. This is the first time having sex ever, not just with him. Any who, I made sure we were careful. He used a condom and pulled out, and that was the end.
Two days ago after getting home from going to his house, we had just gotten done messing around a little. No sex, but there was all of the foreplay involved. When I got home and went to the bathroom, I noticed there was a little bit of brown maybe reddish discharge on my underwear, but when I wiped it was a very very little amount of light pink something. Blood, I'm guessing. So, I asked him if I bled at all and he said I did a little bit and he completely forgot to tell me. He said I bled a little bit whenever we had sex as well. What I'm confused about is my period doesn't come for another two weeks, and I Googled a few things and normal bleeding from intercourse came up, along with ovulation spotting and implantation bleeding. And implantation bleeding is the only thing I'm concerned about.
I know it's normal to bleed a couple times after having sex for the first time. But I'm also cramping a little bit. But only very faint cramps on one side, like I usually get leading up to my period.
It says that implantation bleeding usually happens 9-12 days after intercourse but its been about three weeks. And I got my period a few days after we had sex. Its been about two days and it's still happening. A very small small amount though. Pretty much only see it when I wipe and its darker in color. I know stress could be a factor because I have been stressed out since we had sex and even more stressed out for the past week now that school has started and this random bleeding occurred.
Basically, just wondering if anyone has and idea of what this may be. I'm talking to my mother soon about going to the doctors just to make sure everything is okay and to talk about birth control, but until I get the chance to do that, can anyone offer me some peace of mind?
Of course, I'm always paranoid and I'm still worried I just think it's a bit of a coincidence that the slight bleeding happened right after he had gone inside me again, you know? And in addition, I also had a normal period a couple days afterwards. Would that wash the small amount of sperm out, if anything had even gotten in?
But yeah, that's it. I apologize for the length, I'm just more than a little nervous.
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