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Pregnant or getting period ?

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My cycle seems to be around 28 to 32 days apart. I have not been good at tracking them. I really am not trying to plan a child. My husband and I would be excited if it were to happen though. In Jan I had a miscarriage. I was 6 weeks then I got my period. Ever since then I have been scared. I don't know what to think when I get signs. We normally don't have unprotected sex when I ovulate. I used a site to help determine that day but I am starting to think it was wrong. I had my last period March 26,2010. Some sites say you ovulate every 14 days of your cycle...others say every woman is different. It predicted I would ovulate April 8,2010. We had unprotected sex April 6,2010 and then again on April 11,2010. If my cycle is 28 days long I can expect my period April 23,2010 or if it is 32 days long then April 27, 2010. I am having really bad heachaches, tired, cranky, and sore breasts. Also I feel hungry more often and bloated. Often last week I had diaherea and an uneasy stomach like I was going to throw up. This week so far I have times where I feel sick to my stomach but I don't throw up. I have no fever. And have not thrown up at all. I am afraid to take a prego test because I want to wait until I at least miss my period. I am not scared of being pregnant. Just need a little of advice. If these are prego or period signs.
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replied April 21st, 2010
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A lot of those symptoms are things that happen much further a long in pregnancy, however since you have had unprotected sex there is the possibility you are pregnant.

For future reference, having unprotected sex 2 days before your suspected ovulation is trying for a baby.

Take a test when your period is late/due. Good luck.
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