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pregnant on nuvaring...maybe...HELP!!!

Ok I've been on nuva ring going on 9 months. I've had an incident when my ring fell out and i had my period for like 2weeks approximately 2 months ago. Since then ive had one regular period since then and now.

This time my ring came out for no longer then 3 hours and my boyfriend and have sex pretty regularly. I wore the ring for 3 weeks and this week was my week off. I reinsert on sat morning.

On my week before my off week I got usual pms symptoms but also extremely light headed and nauseous for three days not bad just annoying. This week (my off week) my stomach cramped up and breast stopped being sensitive like usual. But, after 3 days I didn't get my usual period. My stomach still crampy feeling and I had a clump of brown blood mixed with vivid red. Only once this week did I get sick feeling after a long hot bus ride down a winding road. Other then that no lower back pain, breast are NOT sore, I have a headcold and just a crampy stomach. I know there's always a chance of pregnancy but could also be something other then implantation bleeding?
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replied March 26th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Learnfrommistakes, It does not sound like you are pregnant. Many things can cause what you are describing. The safest thing is to take a pregnancy test to make sure.

Take care!
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