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Pregnant from rubbing?

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On the last day of my period, my bf and I
made out and he rubbed himself against
my genital. Just before he was going to
ejaculate, he pulled back a little so from
what I felt, the semen did not touch my
vagina (I felt it under my thigh but not
my butt)

I have 36 days cycle and currently I'm 4 days late. I do NOT have pregnancy symptoms (nausea, fatigue, tender breasts, reaction to certain smells, frequent urine..); I have only
experienced PMS symptoms (acne, water
bloating - same as I usually do when my
period is near). I do feel chills but I've
heard that it can be either pregnancy or
menstrual symptoms.

I had ovulation signs as I do every cycle - white, thick digcharge - only a few days late this time.

Now I'm having dry days and my period
has not come! Do you think there's any
chance I'm pregnant? Or does my period
just happen to be late this cycle? (I'm
thinking because of late ovulation and
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