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Pregnant from precum on my underwear?

On the second of this January (wednesday) , (which would make one week tomorrow),me and my boyfriend were fooling around. I am fifteen years old, and scared to death. I had my underwear and t shirt on, and he was naked except his shirt. We were dry-humping, and he said he didn't ejaculate, and I know he didn't, but I'm not sure if there was pre cum on my panties or not. My underwear were wet, and I put toilet paper between me and my underwear about 15 minutes after it happened, because i couldnt go home for another four hours. once i got home i got in the shower and changed. but i am now scared of being pregnant. if it helps, my underwear are 95% cotton, and 5%spandex. could the precum soak through, and get me pregnant? HELP. I think I should be getting my period around the 11th at latest, but i have been getting really light cramps since friday every few hours or so.

Thanks Shocked
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replied January 9th, 2013
Someone please!
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replied January 20th, 2013
i am only 15 myself and don't know much myself.. i am however in a similar situation to you and no ones replying to my help cry out Sad but for a little reassurance look up on the internet if pre-cum has any sperm in it to cause pregnancy. when i searched that the answer was no there is no sperm in pre-cum that could cause pregnancy..then again im only !% and in a stress out myself
hope that helped a little and know your not alone
good luck x
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